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The Chronicle of Higher Education

       Lawrence Biemiller’s article, wrote in 2009, provided ideas on astrophysics and astronomy. The article focuses on ideas that academic minded people would appreciate. The audience targeted by the article is mostly astronomers and astrophysicists mostly located in Caltech, a successful university found in California. The specific location is Pasadena. The details of the article entail architecture, considered different and unique. This architecture makes the new Cahill center for astronomy different and unique in comparison to other centers for astronomy and astrophysics.   

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The Chance I Took, Application Essay

            In life, there are decisions that we make without knowing the impact that it will have on our lives. When my parents sought to know whether I had any interest in joining an American University, I did not hesitate in my response. At that time, my reasons of wanting to join an American university were not for my personal development, but rather for adventure. I admit that at that time, I was naïve and lacked proper exposure to the outside world. This is because of the impact that this decision had on my life. 8 months after my decision, I was on an airplane headed for the

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The first program developed was only able to execute a command to calculate odd numbers

The problem to be solved The first program developed was only able to execute a command to calculate odd numbers. The initial C# programming program was not able to get even numbers yet this section was highly needed. For this reason, I had to come up with a way to handle this problem in the best way possible. Not only will the above problem be solved based on the dimension, but also a way to get reliable way of analysing extensive information based on odd and even numbers.  The program is able to solve add and even numbers even to triple digits. The programming technique Applied Since t

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The Different School Models

Different schools have different ways of improving the potential of their students and ensuring proper comprehension of the curriculum. The effectiveness of the administered methods determines the level of performance of the individual students and that of the school as well. This, as a result, leads to varying school models.  In this paper I will highlight the major differences between school models of publicly owned and privately owned institutions basing the facts on the interviews I conducted on the teachers of Burlington Christian Academy (a privately owned school) and Graham High School

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The Concert of Europe and International Relations

International Relations is a study area that looks into how countries relate, and the roles played by the sovereign states, the International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), the Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGOs), the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the Multinational Corporations (MNCs) (Hendrik, 2009). It is both a public policy and academic field (Hendrik, 2009).             The Concert of Europe may also be referred to as the Vienna International Relation System or the Congress System. The name derives from the fact that is because it was the outcome of th

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The Crisis of the American Education

School dropout is an academic evil that for centuries has continued to haunt the American education. Why do students dropout from schools? In the academic year ending 2012, it was estimated that about 1.1 million students drop out of school. The dropout rate is surprisingly higher among the African-American students whereby an estimated 40% of African-American students who enroll in schools end up not graduating. (Cohen, 2013) One out of every five Hispanic students also ends up dropping out of schools.  This issue is thus worthy of being treated as a crisis in the education system as realm

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