Revision & Refund Policy is a reputable and trusted platform. We have been in this business of offering academic assistance to students globally to help them enhance their understanding of difficult subjects and meet their academic goals. We aim to keep our policies transparent and crystal clear such that the progress of our clients is not hampered at any point. If it happens that the error is on our part, we take full liability. In any event that you have ordered a product from us and we are unable to deliver it according to your instructions, then we shall be liable to offer you a partial or complete refund of your money depending on the prevailing circumstances.

Since we deal with students’ assignments and homework, your teacher or professor may request changes on the task that has already been tackled and submitted for grading. Under these circumstances, the student may be forced to come back to us to have our expert writers make such revisions. In other instances, a situation may arise that requires you to cancel the order you submitted to us for assistance for one reason or another. Our refund and revision policy stipulates what happens in such circumstances.

This platform is a strong proclaimer of client satisfaction. To maintain our reputation and our status as a top company we always go every length for satisfying our clients’ academic needs and demands. We guarantee our clients 100% satisfaction by providing high-quality final products. For us, every client and every order is of great importance. This is the reason we focus on client satisfaction, and our refund and revision policy reflects this. All our clients and visitors are advised to read our revision and refund policy carefully before they request for our writing services or products. The laid down policies are subject to change occasionally, and reserves the right to do this.

At my we trust in our competent writing experts who will never disappoint. They always deliver exceptionally authentic work and always strive to beat the deadline. Our quality review analysts will never compromise on the quality of work we provide to our clients. We, therefore, render you an assurance that your assignment will be provided on time, will be of superior quality and will be holistically original. The following clauses form our revision and refund policy.

  1. In any event that you decide to cancel an order you have placed with us before a writer is assigned to handle it then you are free to place another order free of charge provided the new order is of the same value as the canceled one. However, if the request to cancel an order comes when a writer has already been assigned the order, then such an order will not be canceled. You will have no option but to continue with the order to completion because the writer assigned your order will have to be compensated for the work he or she has already done.
  2. Moreover, if your order falls in the “urgent” category (12-24 hours’ deadline), the company reserves the right to hold onto 20% of your total payment for writer compensation provided you submit your request to have your order canceled within one hour. Withdrawing is not possible after the one-hour mark from the minute you posted your order.
  3. Our primary objective is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This means we only deliver high-quality products to our clients. However, if it happens that the work provided to you is not done as per your instructions or the quality does not meet your standards, then we will have to keep reworking on your assignment until that time you will be happy with it at no extra cost. However, the free revision will only be offered if you do not change the initial instructions of your assignment and the request for revision must be submitted within ten (10) days from the first date of receiving the final product from us.
  4. However, this deadline does not apply to large assignments such as research proposals, dissertation chapters, thesis proposals, book chapters, and any other reasonably long projects. For such long assignments you will be required to submit your revision request within thirty (30) days from the first date of completion. If you send a revision request after the above-stated deadlines, then the revision will not be free anymore. In this event, you will have to incur some extra cost. The company requires that clients who submit their revision request after the above stated time frame pay 50% of the initial order price or place another new order for editing.
  5. Our Quality and Assurance Department reserves the right to limit the number or decline revision requests which violate the original instructions. The department is also mandated to decline revisions under such circumstances as altered original order details, taking undue advantage of the writer, blatant abuse of our revision option by requesting unreasonable revisions of assignments which have been as per the instructions and met the quality standards.
  6. The company does not offer 100% money refund on orders done. Included in the price of each order is free maximum two-revision allowance which usually is sufficient to achieve content success. These two revisions must be requested within the stipulated time frame. If further revision passed the two free allowed revisions, then you will have to pay 15% order fee as long as the corrections fall within the allotted time frame. Any request for money will not be granted without giving us a chance to revise your work. Sometimes a revision is all that is required to make that paper master class
  7. However, there is an exception to clause number four (no. 4) above. First and foremost, the only time the company guarantees you 100% money refund is if we fail to assign your order to any of our writers due to unavailability of the qualified writer to handle such an order. However, this is a rare occurrence since our team of writers is comprised of experts from every subject and discipline of study. Secondly, you are allowed to demand your money back if you receive your project or academic paper way after its deadline has expired, more so if we did not request for any deadline extension or if our deadline extension was declined.
  8. If at any given time in the course of making payment for your order you realize that you were double-charged, and you have evidence to support your claim such as receiving two payment receipts from the relevant payment processing systems (e.g., PayPal or whichever is applicable to our company) then don’t hesitate to reach out to us to correct the overpayment error. Forward to us the two receipts you received from the payment processing systems in their original form without any alterations, and upon verification, by our technical team, we will refund your money less the transaction charges as soon as possible.
  9. Our expert writers write all the assignments and papers from scratch following the client’s instructions to the last dot. Upon completion of the order, every document is checked for plagiarism using the latest version of the software to ensure that it is all 100% unique and free of plagiarism. However, if you receive any product from us and any content happens to be plagiarized then you can ask for a refund. Upon review of the affected order and based on the agreed upon solution, our accounts team will decide the amount to be refunded and facilitate the entire refund process. The whole process will take no more than 72 hours.
  10. In any case you receive full refund of your cash, or you fail to make full payment for an order in the circumstance where order in question has already been written and delivered to you, claims full authorship for the project completed, and we reserve the right to use, redistribute, share and or resell it to other interested third parties. You are then not eligible to use the product for whatever reason.