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Thesis Paper Writing

Let us be honest writing thesis is not that straightforward or is it?. Many times you find yourself trying to come up with the perfect thesis statement but the results are never that satisfying. Let face it the world is constantly changing and with it education system the pleasure on students to bring out their best has never been higher than today.
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My Custom Homework - Thesis Paper
As always at we provide unmatched quality academic write up to give you an extra edge over the others. With us thesis writing is no longer a problem, we have the best writers who we have verified to be you homework partners. Why us? Here is why

1. Personalized design
The paper will be written according to your expectation from the scratch. When you are giving description you will be required to give as many details as possible and be very specific. These specifications will help our qualified writers write your paper with the highest standard possible.

2. Zero plagiarism
Our strict policy on plagiarism ensures that the work you receive is original. Once the paper is ready its run through plagiarism detector software to ensure that no plagiarism is detected.

3. Copy write ownership
All our writer have to agree and accept our copyright policy meaning that they have no right whatsoever for any work they do for you. This is important in ensuring that the content you receive can be published or even earns income through it.

4. Unlimited free revision
Through revision, we ensure that you get exactly what you wanted ensuring content and structure accuracy.

Why is mycustomhomework the best?
At mycustomhomework our mission is to be your trusted homework partner. To achieve this we have made quality our key target. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to have a high rating among students from different part of the world. Today most of our customers are either referrals or students coming back for further business.
Perhaps what makes us the best in providing quality thesis every time is our writers' recruitment process. When it comes to recruiting writers we get only the best. We hire experts with top academic marks to ensure you get the best results. Once we have gone through a candidate resume and verified their academic certificates we go a step further to give them tests. This vigorous hiring process ensures that we have only the best.
Our recruitment process mainly focuses on countries like Australia, USA, UK, and Canada. This ensures that those we hire have an excellent command of English.
So relax and entrust your thesis with us and we will ensure you get the best the world can offer.
Other services that make us your best thesis writing partner include

  • Best rate in the market; We pride ourselves on having the cheapest rates in the industry. We understand you are a student and that why we offer you the best rates and unmatched quality.
  • Original content; it’s our job to ensure what you get is completely original and no part of the thesis has been plagiarized. We have a reputation for ensuring quality original work and we are keen on maintaining this reputation.
  • Round the clock customer care; There are two main ways you can reach us or our expert writers
    o Our live Chat: This service is available for 24 hours, 7 days a week. This also allows you to chat with our expert directly and share more instruction or updates. Voice call; we are available to pick your calls and attend to any matter that you have.
  • A large pool of expert writers; we have a large pool of expert writers with unmatched academic qualification. These writers' works under strict instruction to make sure that you come first and quality is uncompromised.
  • Variety guaranteed; in our recruitment, we ensure we get candidates with various academic backgrounds to ensure that we have a variety to cover all possible subjects. We also ensure that your assignment is matched with a competent and well-qualified writer. Always ensure you indicate the subject or area of your study when posting your thesis.
  • Easy payment; to ensure payment security and cut unnecessary costs we only use reputable and secure proven payment methods. Payment of writer is only processed once you have received the paper and satisfied that it’s what you requested.
  • You are in control: much of how your work is done is controlled by you. You decide when your work should be ready and what revisions are required. In the end, it's only you who can release the fund to the writer.

Tip to writing a Thesis Paper
Writing a thesis paper sometimes can be hard but don't worry that why we are here. We are going to look at several steps that are key in writing a thesis paper. These steps will also help you to evaluate the work you receive from our writers.
Just like most papers that you have ever done the most important thing to do is to organize your paper in a sequential manner focusing on important structures. This is important as it will provide you with a skeleton of how your paper will look like hence you will be able to select your resources wisely.

Thesis paper outlook (Skeleton)
In order to produce the best thesis paper, it's important to get structuring right. Here we are going to look at the most important parts of a thesis paper in sequence. A thesis is meant to give a detailed explanation to support your thesis statement.

1. Thesis statement
A thesis statement, on the other hand, is a complete sentence that clearly states your view regarding a certain topic.

Tips for writing a thesis statement
  a. A thesis statement should have one single idea that explicitly states your stand. It important to avoid contradicting your ideas with a long and unnecessary statement.
  b. Avoid broad statement as it becomes hard to discuss important and relevant information
  c. It’s VERY important to know that a thesis statement is an assertion that you will be providing evidence to, avoid opaque and vague statement especially those that universally accepted. E.g
Statement; People consume a lot of cough medicine in their life
Thesis Statement: People are poisoning their bodies with medicine merely to treat a common cough
  d. A thesis statement is the main idea, not the title. It states your stand/opinion on particular title E.g Title: medicine and health

Thesis statement: People are poisoning their bodies with medicine merely to treat a common cough
2. The Abstract
An abstract is very important as it provides an overview of the whole paper. This should be about one paragraph of about 300 words or less.
3. The Introduction
Generally longer than the abstract it consists of the following:
  a. The Background
  b. A brief review of the present knowledge/ Literature review
  c. Research aim
  d. Hypothesis introduction

Tips for writing a good introduction of a thesis paper
The first paragraph of the introduction is very important as it sets tone and appeal making the readers more eager to read it. The first paragraph should be able to hook the readers and make a seamless transition to the thesis statement. Some important tips to consider
  a. Always ensure that your thesis statement is part of the introductory paragraph.
  b. Write the introduction last. Yes, you read that correctly. Writing your introduction as the last thing will enable you to introduce your paper effortlessly
  c. Make it brief

4. Literature Review
The main purpose of the literature review is to link gaps between your paper and previous studies. In most cases, you will be required to present the literature review as an independent part outside the introduction. The literature review also gives a hint of the gaps your paper is trying to fill.

5. Methodology
The methodology you adopt can break or make your thesis. The methodology should be clearly explained as it validates your results in many ways. In many cases, the methodology has been used to discredit work. It's important to get your thesis methodology right and ensure its waterproof.

6. Results
Once you have clearly explained your methodology or method adopted the next step is to present the results. One important thing that you need to do is to ensure your results a presented in a sequential manner. Next is the chapter for presenting your results in an accurate way. Presentation of results in a perfect sequence is necessary. This is important because all your opinion and explanations will be based on this.

7. Discussion
This is where you explain your results and validate your thesis statement. There are four rules to follow when writing this section. These are
  a. Make a comment on every result; this is one of the reasons we emphasized on writing your results in a sequential manner as it makes easy to comment on each and create a flow of ideas.
  b. Explain the meaning of the results; it’s important to explain what each result say and the main take away from each. Never assume your results are self-explanatory no matter how clear they are.
  c. Interpretation; Always link your result with the purpose of the thesis. Interpreting the finding gives the reader an idea of any possible outcomes both expected and unexpected.
  d. Comment on outliers or unexpected finding; never ignore these even if they contradict your statement. Always provide a clear explanation for these as they increase the authenticity of your paper.
  e. Ensure there is a link with the literature review: During the literature review, you mention of the gap you are trying to fill ensure this comes out clearly in your discussion. Make sure to explain the purpose of filling this gap and how your thesis stamen is supported.

7. Conclusion
This is one of the most important sections of any paper that you will ever write. Use one paragraph and make a conclusion on an important and prominent finding.

Tips for writing a good conclusion:

a. Clearly write the final ideas supporting the purpose of the thesis paper
b. Explain prominent outcome; Explain and give weight to the final idea and provide a conclusive advice mentioning the thesis statement.

How to get best out of our writers
Here we are going to provide you with tips that you can use to ensure you get the paper you have in mind

1. Clear instruction: ensure you write a clear instruction and give as much information as you can. Where you have an example please attach it.
2. Give ample time; it's important to give the writers enough time to work on your order this ensure that they have enough time to carry out the necessary research. Also, it’s cheaper when there is enough time.
3. Ask for progress report where necessary; when writing a thesis paper it’s important to as for regular update this way you can gradually share your idea and make timely intervention where need be.